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SUSTAINABLE PRE & POST WORKOUT TIPS from a skincare convert

by Kim Monteiro

Sweat and heat breaks down the skin’s microbiome overtime, causing skin to become vulnerable to irritation and ageing. Here is a sustainable and practical skincare routine that an active person can follow.

AS AN ACTIVE PERSON who prioritises sports and fitness in her daily routine, my skin is often at the mercy of the harsh elements of my surroundings. However, my “busy schedule” (read: too lazy to practice healthy skincare habits) had led me to adopt unhealthy skincare habits, like neglecting sunscreen when running outdoors and cleansing with soap after workouts (Who’s cringing?).

My reality check came in the form of breakouts, clogged pores and oily skin. I finally realised that my skin is not invincible. In fact, sweat and heat breaks down the skin’s microbiome overtime, causing your skin to become more vulnerable to irritation and ageing. So, before my skin wilts under the pressure of my neglect, it’s time to make some amends.

I made it my mission to impose a sustainable and practical skincare routine that an active person like myself would be able to follow.


Keep it simple. No full fledged skincare routine required, you’re going to sweat it all out anyway. Just basic care to ensure that your skin feels fresh and protected before your workout.

#1. Remove ANY makeup BEFORE working out

We know you wanna look good while you burn. A little shimmer once in a while won’t hurt but bear in mind, having make-up on during workout may do a number on your skin in the long run. Give your skin a little breathing space and prevent your pores from clogging.

*Unless you are unable to remove your makeup when you rush from work or is part of your job (fitness instructors we see you) then be sure to properly cleanse after your session.

#2. Cleanse to remove excess grime

A quick, gentle cleanse to remove excess make- up and grime will help retain your skin’s efficacy in the long run. It's a simple practice, but definitely a beneficial one.

Pro-tip: Using cleansers with salicylic acid helps break sebum and dead skin, reducing the risk of breakouts.

#3. Sunscreen!

Daily dose of vitamin D is essential, but not at the risk of long term skin damage. If you’re working outdoors or even indoors, where studio lights may be a little harsh on the skin, it is advised to apply a layer of sunscreen with an spf of +30 (minimum indoors) or SPF 50.


You don't need a full 8 step programme. Keep it practical, just a matter of treating your skin the way it deserves to be treated.


Don’t be fooled by that post-workout glow! After workouts, your skin's pores are open, leaving room for the “elements that be” to enter and take control of your skin! Ok… too dramatic, but your skin is at its vulnerable at this point, so please cleanse immediately.

Can't bring your liquid products with you? Opt instead for cleansing wipes. We definitely don't recommend harsh soaps as it will only dry out skin in the long run.


Cleanse for the second time once you return home. Trust us your skin will thank you. A light and gentle cleanser is sufficient to clear your skin of excess sweat particles and dirt.


Prevent your skin from drying out! Your skin's ability to absorb restorative products, like serums, are best while your pores are still open. Serums help your skin retain its moisture, keeping that everyday glow stronk.


Goes without saying. Trust me when I say, you don't want to skip out on this one.

#5. SPF

If you'll be moving out and about throughout the day. A light SPF would be perfect to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays to sustain your skin's overall health.


Creating a new routine will take time and a little self motivation. Setting daily positive affirmations might help you stay motivated to keep your fitness and skincare goals! Tiny steps will create big changes in the long run. Keep exploring your desired skincare routine and, like your workouts - remember to have fun!


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