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by Kim Monteiro

Staying hydrated during the hot month of Ramadan is crucial as the lack of water can make your skin dry, tight and flaky. We have gathered the best tips from our friends to keeping cool this Ramadan.

RAMADAN IS AROUND THE CORNER and ensuring your skin and body are nourished and hydrated is crucial during this period. Abstaining from food and liquids for long periods, as well as, exposure to our harsh elements (ie.the hot sun, indoor air conditioning, dust particles and pollution in the city) can put your skin at risk of dryness and inflammation.

The first step is to form good skincare and wellness habits is important to keep you energetic, fresh and hydrated throughout.

We spoke to some of our friends to gain insight and quick tips on how they manage their skin during Ramadan.


Our hot weather and exposure to the AC and dust particles in the air can dry out our skin, leaving it dehydrated. Take advantage of the sahur and iftar periods to nourish your body with fluids.

Try consuming at least an average of 3 litres of water a day and reduce the consumption of sodas, syrups and caffeine.

Start a log to help you manage and track your liquid intake. For example:

  • 1.5 glass after iftar and before sahur to make sure you don’t eat more than you need

  • 1 glass after meal

  • 1 glass before/after prayer

  • 1 glass before sleep

  • 1 glass right after wake up

  • 1 glass before sahur meal

  • 1.5 glass after meal


Retaining healthy skin usually involves more than supplements and product application. The right nutrition plays a huge role in helping our body produce healthy oils and sebum to keep our skin looking youthful and hydrated.

Minimise the bazaar food! Don’t deny yourself from having Ramadan goodies (*drools* for Nasi Kandar, Murtabak, nasi geprek, nasi dagang, roti jala) but as they say moderation is key! Keep it to a minimal, instead opt to increase the consumption of fruits, veggies, proteins and supplements. Consume foods that are rich in antioxidants that will aid in your skin’s daily repair, hydration and retain your energy and productivity!


Develop a habit of carrying around moisturiser and basic skin care products to aid in your skin’s hydration, and create your own AM and PM routine



Cleanser, treatment spots, moisturiser & sunscreen


Cleanser, treatment, serum & moisturiser

After ablution and prayers, re-apply moisturiser, lotion and lip balm to avoid dryness.

If you’re also active in sports remember to double cleanse to remove access oil and apply serum or face mask, to restore skin’s firmness and lock in hydration for the long run.


Ramadan is a time to gain a deeper connection and relationship with God. It is a time of reflection, practicing acts of selflessness and humility. Take this period to unwind and meditate through prayer. Rest your body with proper sleep and rest for a much needed energy boost.

Have a blessed Ramadan everyone!


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