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by Kim Monteiro

Our daily goals may feel like it has come to a standstill, the future feels uncertain and the air rages with frustration. We may feel like we have lost our sense of control during the lockdown and just rolling with the ebb and flow of the current situation. Let’s face it, despite rolling with the punches of this pandemic, it sucks…. But it’s not the end.

They say that there’s no time like the present. There’s no rush towards a finish line, our well-being and mental health are of utmost priority.

Give yourself a little Credit

Gratitude starts with you, when was the last time we gave ourselves a little credit for simply coming this far. Whether you’ve achieved loads or nothing at all, let’s remember that our efforts are not based on accomplishments but rather on acknowledging our strengths to soldier through a rather tumultuous period of our lives.

Determine what you can control

The world is a little out of tilt and beyond our comprehension. Take a breather and take note of what is within your reach. Create an environment that suits you, listen to your body and your needs first and foremost.

Periodize - Create bite-sized goals

Periodization is a common term used in fitness and refers to dividing your training into manageable phases to create and maintain stable long-term practices. Whether it was a fitness goal that has come to a halt or a dream that may take more time to accomplish. Maintain your momentum with shorter-term goals, small progress is progress.

Walk your thoughts

Break the cabin fever blues! Walks have proven to be the best mode of helping manage mental health and the simplest form of exercise that can be done daily. Spend 20 minutes of your day enjoying a walk to freshen the mindset and instill more movement in your day.

Daily Affirmations

Train your brain to think differently! Daily positive affirmations act as reminders to help you navigate through whatever obstacle - “you’re stronger than you think”, “I am doing great” - can greatly affect the way you see yourself. Do it whenever, during your skincare routine, while making breakfast.

Sometimes our goals need not be profound in order to determine success, rather the simple act of practicing a lifestyle that allows flexibility and freedom to make changes. Most importantly do remember to breathe.

*this article is not a replacement for therapy. Please reach out to a professional mental health expert if required.


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